It is an identification accessory, of high quality, which assures a comfortable wear for the patients. The wristbands have a basic material which doesn’t affect the skin, it is printed with paint without lead, it doesn’t contain latex.

We recommend this special product for hospitals, private clinics and medical institutions. With the help of the wristbands patients can be easily identified.

We attach a paper strip to the wristband. There can be written on the wristband important information about the patient: the name, date of birth, mother’s name, thus avoiding the possible confusion of the patients.

With the help of the wristband the patients can be easily identified even if they are asleep or unconscious.

The wristbands are made of soft vinyl material, comfortable to wear, extremely resistant, which doesn’t affect the skin, doesn’t cause allergies, and doesn’t contain latex. The data of patients can be written on wristbands with a pen or marker.

The wristband is disposable, it fastens with a plastic clip (hook), which can not be removed without destruction! The wristband is tear- and stretch resistant, and it’s comfortable to wear.

The important features of the wristband:

– the basic material is vinyl (soft plastic)
– it assures a comfortable and safe wear
– adjustable size from 9 cm to 23 cm
– water resistant
– it closes with a disposable plastic clip
– the material is comfortable to wear, well tolerated by skin
– can be written on them with pen or marker
– available in white colour
– minimal command: 100 pieces


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