We provide textile wristbands with RFID chip. The RFID chip can be used for payment solutions, gateways and other solutions.

RFID technology is based on the propagation, frequency and physical properties of radio waves. The main components of the system are electronic chips or tags, the reader and its antenna, which can also be integrated into the reader.

The microchip controls all processes in the tag and organizes data exchange with the reader. When the signal arrives, the power control unit of the chip converts the radiation from the reader, that is, the AC power from the signal. The electronics of the chip start working and the modulator receives the reader signal and responds to the information on the chip. the communication protocols are the responsibility of the logic unit. The chip memory is divided into addressable segments that are capable of storing different types of information. For example, a memory checksum may be stored in the memory, which is checked at the beginning and end of the communication to avoid information loss during transmission.

Textile wristbands with RFID chip are durable and can be printed all over the wristband.


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