The Tyvek allergy wristbands make the identification of patients who are suffering from allergies easier, avoiding the mistreatment of patients.

We recommend this product especially for hospitals, private clinics and medical institutions. With the help of these wristbands the patients, who are suffering from allergies, can be easily identified. There can be written on the wristband, near the name of the patient  what allergies does he have, avoiding any allergic reactions.

With the help of the wristband the allergy warnings can be easily observed even if the patients  are asleep or unconscious.

The wristbands are made of soft vinyl material, comfortable to wear, extremely resistant, which doesn’t affect the skin, doesn’t cause allergies, and doesn’t contain latex. The patient’s information can be written on the wristbands with pen or marker.

The wristband is disposable, can’t be removed without destruction. It has an adhesive stripe, which can’t be reused after removal. The wristband is tear- and stretch resistant, and it’s comfortable to wear.

The important features of the wristband:

– basic material: tyvek (a kind of paper, but is tear- and stretch resistant, waterproof, and comfortable to wear)
– it assures a comfortable and safe wear
– there are 2 sizes: 200 mm X 19 mm ( children size) and 250 mm x19 mm (adult size)
– waterproof
– it is printed with paint without lead
– disposable, can’t be removed without destruction
– the material is very comfortable to wear, well-tolerated by skin
– sequentially numbered
– there can be written on them with pen or marker
– available in one colour: white
– minimal command: 100 pieces


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